Tradition, in order to live, must be renewed each day.

It was our great-grandfather, Theodoros Aggouris, who 1894 chose the perfect spot to build his home, in a privileged position right in the centre of Amaliada city which give him the opportunity to be near to his agricalture estates over the Ionic coastline. His son, Georgios (photo) continued his legasy.

A many years after lived in it 3 generations, 2000, the daughter of Georgios, Andriana Aggouri was decided to built it from ground up and in 2017 her chlildren Georgios and Vicky was converted from a private apartment building into a guest's apartments and since then the Depounti family is dedicated to hospitality.

In the course of the years we always tried to maintain the charme of a private apartment in our beloved apartments.

With a strong passion for hospitality, we feel rooted in traditional hotellerie combined with all comforts of the modern hotel industry based on a refined and genuine luxury and on the quality and authenticity of personalized services.

With our multilingual staff we cultivate what we know is the most precious quality that characterizes Ileia: the international soul of a truly unique and hospitable place which has been “home” for great cultures.

For all of us at the Sweet Suites it is a big privilege to have the chance to welcome in our “home” guests coming from all over the world and we feel both testimonies and ambassadors of the beauty, the rich culture, of the nature and of the fragrances and tastes of Ileia.

Our mission is to convey our love for our place to all our guests.

The fundaments to succeed in it are the great respect for nature and sustainable tourism and the correctness towards our guests, our staff, our suppliers, our colleagues and all our partners.

And it’s adhering to this ethic values that guides us day by day.

George and Vicky Depounti